Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Would anyone have been interested?

Accountants who have heard me speak about marketing related issues for accountants will be aware of my disdain for instant Budget commentaries. These tend to do little more than regurgitate what was in the Budget day press releases. There is rarely time or space for informed comment.

Do clients really like them? Are they really of any value? The papers will invariably contain more detailed summaries, analysis and comment than any one firm's overnight Budget commentary. And within 48 hours it's often out of date as more related documents are published by HMRC and Treasury revealing more details of the announcements contained in the Budget. What makes the Budget announcements worthy of all that time and concerted effort to provide instant comment as distinct from the other tax chnages and developments that occur throughout the year?

So, thank you to anyone who came to this blog looking for our instant analysis and comments. Thank you but we didn't produce one. We have however commented on some of the specific issues and will continue to do so as further details and implications become apparent.

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