Friday, April 2, 2010

Tax related April fool stories 2010

I wasn't the only one.
Yesterday I posted: New HMRC penalties for anyone responding to scam emails. I've added a note below of some of the best responses I received. My apologies to anyone who was 'fooled' despite my best effort that it simply raise a smile and flag the importance of avoiding scam emails.

Taxation magazine went with: Window fitters' disclosure opportunity

AccoutingWeb had: Proposed ‘iTax’ will damage UK economy

Any more?

Best responses I received to my post (which I also sent out by email):
I think this might be an April Fool. However given some of the strange things HMRC have been doing recently…….
- Paul Gayton

Please note that we now charge a £100 penalty for sending us unsolicited emails.
- Chris Young

The email falls under the definition of “deliberate wrongdoing” and will result in the prosecution of another innocent adviser!
- Peter Tucker

Mark I think this cannot be legally enforced and have written to my lawyers to undertake a judicial review. They said it would cost £25,000 but I have told them to go ahead on the strength of your e mail. Somebody has to take a stand.
- Joseph Robinson

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