Sunday, February 20, 2011

Actor Edward Fox asks Taxman to chase him for more tax

Maybe not intentionally but this was reported in the London Evening Standard last week:
Fox revealed that he had walked off with many of the clothes he wore during the [making of the Day of the Jackal film]. “It’s an actor’s trick,” Fox said. “There the clothes are and you just take them off the peg. There are some lovely jackets and cravats in the Jackal, which I still wear.”
Whether he paid tax on these 'perks' is not mentioned. We know the taxman picks up on media references to untaxed benefits and perks so Mr Fox can expect a call...

Last July I referenced a more serious public admission of tax avoidance by supermodel Caprice re her property portfolio: Caprice asks the taxman to enquire into her tax affairs

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