Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tax Advice Network on BBC - twice in two days

Not strictly TaxBuzz but arguably worthy of note. I was interviewed for BBC's Newsnight programme on Monday evening and subsequently appeared live on BBC's Working Lunch programme on Tuesday.

For Newsnight I think they filmed about 15 minutes of Q&As and broadcast just 15 seconds.
(It's around 19 minutes in if you're desperate to catch it on BBC iplayer for the next few days).

For Working Lunch my piece was somewhat longer - about 3 minutes of air time right at the start of the programme.

On both occasions I was asked to comment on Flipping properties - avoiding CGT when you have more than one main residence - partly on the back of the TaxBuzz blog comment I wrote on Sunday.

Newsnight simply used one sentence I said, in the context of the final 3 years deemed useage rule for property that has at some stage been your main residence: Looked at objectively one has to question whether the rule has remained in place and as generous as it is because so many MPs are able to benefit from it.
After all how many other people take 3 (or even 2 years as it was previously) to sell their old house after buying a new one?!

On Working Lunch the journalist explained the basic 3 year 'overlap' rule then Declan Curry (the presenter) asked me to explain the facility to elect which of two properties is your main residence. I also had to explain the rent a room scheme and the charge to CGT if you sell a rented property. So, not much to squeeze into 2 or 3 minutes of airtime!

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