Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Live PBR twitter updates re impact on x-factor personalities

Having been asked to tweet a live commentary during the PBR I chose to avoid simply replicating what ever other commentator would be doing.

Indeed the twitterstream for #PBR09 was awash with various accountants repeating much the same thing at the same time. And there's not exactly much scope for adding instant analysis or comment given the contraints of twitter.

So instead I chose to make my comments more specific......

Will this be the year that Alastair Darling shows he has the #Xfactor? I doubt it. #PBR09

Does the #xfactor house count as commercial premises that will be exempt from business rates once it's emptied after the final? #PBR09

"No one under 24 needs to be unemployed for more than 6 months before being guaranteed work" - Even if they don't win #Xfactor #PBR09

Stacey on #xfactor will lose out if no increase in tax credits and if she doesn't get a record contract after the finals #PBR09

Danyl the ex-teacher from #xfactor should be ok as "A short spell on unemployment is not turning into a lifetime of unemployment" #PBR09

Chancellor is talking about spending money he doesn't have (yet) #PBR09 Guess he'll be taking more from the rich like Simon Cowell #xfactor

Chancellor #PBR09 predicts UK econonmy will grow by between 1% and 1.5% during 2010. Didn't he also predict Jedward to win #xfactor?

Investment in super fast broadband (to secure more votes on #xfactor ?) will be funded by 50p tax on landlines. Deathknell for BT #PBR09

#PBR09 - 10,000 low income undergrads to take up internships for careers that they might not have considered - like popstars? #xfactor

Will 50% tax on bankers bonuses over £25k really only hit banks - or all businesses paying big bonuses - such as Syco? #xfactor #PBR09

Chancellor taking tough decisions "from a position of strength" - In the same way as Jedward had a strong chance of winning #xfactor #PBR09

Will #xfactor winners be less generous with gifts to family etc once they join top 2% and become subject to IHT on gifts over £325k? #PBR09

#xfactor losers will be ok as No one earning under £20,000 will pay any more NI contributions #PBR09

No free school meals for Stacey's son if she wins #xfactor - only for primary school children of low income working parents #PBR09

Will the new 10p CT rate for companies exploiting patents in the UK include income from image rights for winners of #xfactor? #PBR09

Didn't hear any announcements in #PBR09 re non-doms. All those on #xfactor should breathe a sigh of relief (incl Dermot, Louis and Danni)

George Osborne provides a Simon Cowell #xfactor type "Can I be honest with you?" critique of the Chancellor’s performance #PBR09

Osborne: "Absence of a spending review is the massive missing piece in #PBR09 " - Like running #xfactor comp'n without a finals programme

Osborne challenges Chancellor who is pitching one part of country against the other in #PBR09 - same as #xfactor finals !

"Every Labour Gov't ignores basic rule - if u keep on spending more than you earn, you will run out of money" #PBR09 Like #xfactor wannabees

Dr Vince Cable is 2nd judge to speak - the Louis Walsh of the Chamber, as compared with Osborne's Simon Cowell approach #xfactor #PBR09

Vince Cable says Gov't assumes economic growth based entirely on optimism - sounds like #xfactor wannabees assuming they can win #PBR09

Audience after #PBR09 in the Chamber of House of Commons is dwindling due to lack of continued interest - not like xtrafactor after #xfactor

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