Monday, May 17, 2010

Emergency Budget will be at 12.30pm on Tuesday 22 June

The Chancellor has announced that, what he refers to as, an 'emergency Budget' will be held on Tuesday 22 June.

The Treasury Press Office has since confirmed the Budget statement will be made at 3.30pm** on 22nd June.

I don't remember the last time we were given anything like 5 weeks notice of a Budget date - let alone an 'emergency' one!

** [edited 14 June 2010] MPs are to be asked to agree to an earlier sitting of the House of Commons next Tuesday, so the Budget can be held at the earlier time of 12.30 hrs.

Leader of the Commons Sir George Young has put down a motion that the day's business begins three hours early for a Tuesday, at 11.30 hrs.

This would mean that after an hour of ministerial questions Chancellor George Osborne would deliver his first Budget.

Mr Osborne had been expected to start speaking at 15.30 hrs.


  1. Tax Blog or Tax Jokes

    HMRC (Agent update 17) seem to have initiated a tax scheme to solve all the country's financial woes - the new Budget Payment Plan - this is so simple. It was worth a change of Governbment to enable such a simple scheme to be introduced. Darling was so hampered by tradition and short-sightedness not to have thought of this himself.

    HMRC have introduced this to help tax payers meet their tax payment obligations wihtout having to make large single tax payments WOW!!!

    All that is needed is to make small regualr payments BEFORE the normal due date - SO SIMPLE.

    Well done George Osborne.
    Peter Lashmar

  2. Er, this was actually introduced by the previous Government and Chancellor Darling.