Monday, July 5, 2010

Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation annual conference

On 2nd and 3rd July the Centre for Business Taxation held it's annual conference. It was the first time I had attended but I'll certainly be back.

Many of the attendees are clearly regulars and the event had a special feel about it. Certainly it was unlike any more conventional tax conference I have attended - and I must have attended hundreds over the last 25 years or so. The different atmosphere may have been due to the location (a lecture theatre at the Said Business School), the presence of a relaxed Exchequer secretary, David Gauke who took questions for 30 minutes after finishing his prepared talk, or the way that 5 experts each addressed a key point in quick succession towards the end of the day.

I became aware of the conference through the Tax Director Network which has an association with the Centre for Business Taxation. (The Centre is one of the Network's Technical Partners).
It was good to see a number of members of the Network at the conference on Friday. Sadly I was unable to stay for the remainder of the event on Saturday.

There is no charge for attending this conference which I would certainly recommend to anyone with an interest in business taxation. As and when I become aware of future events hosted by the Centre I will publicise them on this blog.

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