Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog release: Award winning accounting practice chooses Tax Advice Network

The Tax Advice Network has been selected as preferred specialist tax advisers by Elaine Clark, founder of the award winning and fast growing online accounting practice: Cheap Accounting.

Despite the name of the practice Elaine stresses that “Quality is in no way compromised. CheapAccounting operates to a set of very high service values”.

Inevitably, perhaps, most of Elaine’s clients have straight forward accountancy and taxation needs. Needs that her experienced network of accountants are well capable of addressing. However from time to time there may be a more complex tax issue which requires more specialist advice.

I am delighted to announce that Elaine has chosen my Tax Advice Network to provide tax support when required. We have agreed a working alliance which is clearly promoted on her website.

I really admire Elaine's approach. Many accountants are in much the same position - in that they have all the skills necessary to advise clients on day to day tax issues. But, unlike a GP who refers patients to a specialist every now and then, some accountants are reluctant to do the same when clients have unusual, complex or difficult tax problems. Elaine has chosen to focus her practice on the expert provision of services required by most clients. Her team know their limitations and, on those odd occasions when their clients require more specialist tax advice they can access this through the Tax Advice Network.

For obvious reasons I do not give permission for just anyone to include our logo on their website. Indeed Elaine is the first person to have that authority – beyond the tax adviser members of the Tax Advice Network of course.

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  1. Congratulations Mark. Sounds like a great combination.