Tuesday, November 22, 2011

After 400 TaxBuzz blog posts - what now?

That last blog post was the 400th I've posted here. I thought I should recognise the fact as no one else will do so.

I started this blog around 4 years ago by offering comment, explanation and analysis of key UK tax developments. I made a classic mistake in that I was inconsistent. Sometimes I wrote for the general public. Sometimes I wrote for accountants. (Both can use the Tax Advice Network to source specialist tax advice). The blog was intended to help optimise the Search Engine attractiveness of the Tax Advice Network website.

Two years ago I wrote a Review of TaxBuzz blog 2009 in which I explained my thinking and explored the types of issues that had featured on the blog.

I have long enjoyed writing and sharing ideas and tips. Years ago I was complimented on my ability to explain complicated issues in an understandable way. I will let my readers be the judge of whether I have continued to exhibit that skill.

Two of the most common topics for my blog posts have been tax quirks benefiting MPs and explanations about the complexity of tax avoidance and tax evasion. I like to think I have adopted an even hand as regards the latter issue although I have not hidden my dislike of artificial and abusive avoidance schemes.

Sometime during 2009 I decided to focus the blog on debunking tax stories in the media. I felt this was a worthy service but I have received limited feedback and started to question who was I doing this for? In September 2011 I got bored and went for almost 2 months without posting any new items to this blog. I realised that much as I had enjoyed the blogging it was taking too much time and for no discernable benefit.

The nonsense written in the media about Vince Cable's VAT situation brought me back at the end of October. having written two posts on the topic I want to avoid slipping back into my old ways. Throughout the month of November I have been posting a new style of TaxBuzz in the form of, typically light-hearted, tax related awards. These rarely take much time to write. I have had little feedback to date ;-(

Whether I will continue posting an average of 2 items a week for the next 4 years I canot say. But 400 tax related posts is quite an achievement and I'm rather proud of myself.

Do let me know your thoughts.....


  1. Thank you very much for your posts Mark.

    I don't think you should give up. This idea of debunking tax myths and educating the lay public is a really good one.

    The fact you get few comments doesn't necessarily mean your posts aren't useful or no one reads them - lots of people just lurk on blogs without commenting. I myself am one of these people! We are normally too shy to say anything, witness the fact that this is only the second comment I have ever left on a website!

  2. Yep, I agree with Satwaki.

    As a planner for financial advisers I am on the edge of the tax world. This kind of thing which explains some of what's going on is useful.

    Also having access to tax professionals willing to take on specialist work is very useful.

  3. Thanks guys - appreciate you taking the time to post supportive comments.

  4. I must commend you Mark.

    You give excellent insight into a subject where Tax explanations are normally re hashed on the net.

    Many lay people are looking into Tax facts as there are a growing number who also turn to entrepreneurial ways of earning that little extra income in these difficult times.