Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tax twit of the week - Bernie Ecclestone

Last week the F1 supremo, Bernie Ecclestone was challenged by a court in Munich as regards a payment of £27m he made to Mr Gribkowsky, a former banker.

Mr Ecclestone admitted that the money was paid to discourage Mr Grobkowsky from making accusations that would have led to a potentially costly UK tax investigation.

Mr Ecclestone claims that he had done nothing wrong. However he was clearly concerned that either the cost of defending his position, if challenged by HMRC, or of the back taxes, interest and penalties they would have secured would come to MUCH more than £27m.

Somehow I suspect that HMRC may take a look into his affairs now that the quantum of his concerns have been publicised. Don't you? For publicly explaining that he paid £27m in an effort to avoid damaging allegations about his tax affairs being made public, I will be sending Mr Ecclestone my Tax Twit of the week award.

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