Monday, November 28, 2011

Tax taunt of the week: “A quarter of drivers say cyclists should pay road tax”

The quote in my title refers to a survey attributed to which led to this headline in the Metro: 'Irresponsible' cyclists should pay road tax, say quarter of drivers

Surprisingly though I could find no reference to the survey or, what I would describe as, the Tax Taunt, on the website. Could this be because of the criticism and backlash the report produced?

Cycling website RoadCC, denounced "as PR campaign goes spectacularly wrong". The site goes on to say:

"Insurance comparison firm has provoked a storm of criticism from both cyclists and drivers alike with a ham-fisted and error-strewn press release aimed at promoting an equally confused road safety campaign and ostensibly highlighting the problem of road rage on Britain’s roads which has instead managed to alienate – not to mention confuse – almost everyone at whom it was aimed."

RoadCC then lists a number of alleged errors and further commentary in the same style and tone

Assuming the maths on RoadCC site are correct I think it's only fair to present with my Tax Taunt of the week award.

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